Engaging Your Long Tail (Micro Influencers) for Owned UGC

When Amazon opened their doors back in the 90’s, it was a website that only sold books. And their focus wasn’t only on selling the NYT best sellers, Amazon also opened their doors to indie/micro publishers and authors, providing them a platform for exposure – and more importantly, a sales channel that was previously unavailable to them.

And for Amazon, it was an incredibly profitable move.

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Laguna Beach and the Future of the Public Photo Shoot

Our friends at PetaPixel just published a piece on the City of Laguna Beach and their seemingly new permitting requirements for both Commercial and (even!) Non-Commercial photo shoots at any of their public places.

According to their article, It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting a wedding party or your puppy on the beach… if you’re taking pictures in a public space whether on the beach or in the city, you will need to pay for that right.

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“In order for brands to monetize UGC in a meaningful way, UGC cannot be earned. UGC must be owned.”

David Hunegnaw  //  Founder of BYLINED

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