Byliner Q&A w/Katie B.

BYLINED: How do you spend your time?

KB: The short answer: food and friends. The longer version: I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Northeast side exploring the amazing immigrant-owned and operated restaurants in our city. I love trying new food, cooking, baking, and visiting new breweries and bars. I spend lots of time riding bikes, climbing rocks, watching movies, doing crosswords, dancing, and singing. I’m a broadway and movie junkie — I love a well-told story. When the real world calls I work at a start-up software company and teach fitness classes. To make a living, it’s a really fun combo.

BYLINED: We loved the humanity behind this photo. What do you love about the photo?

KB: I loved the flowers in this photo. This was at a wedding and the couple had planted an amazing, lush patch of wildflowers with bright pink and purple blossoms, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to snap a photo. As a guest, I really prefer to blend into the background… but it was raining, so rain boots were needed. My Hunters happen to be coral pink which really scraps that whole subtlety thing, but made for a fun photo with a really special backdrop.

BYLINED: Okay, we have to ask… how’d your knee end up wrapped up?

KB: Was it THAT noticeable?! Just kidding. I was about three weeks post-ACL reconstruction. My crutches were just out of the frame. Previously, I would have said I spend a lot of time playing volleyball, but that’s on hold for a bit.

BYLINED: Love the coral. Any other colors?

KB: Only coral right now, but I’m feeling some forest or olive green in my future.

BYLINED: As you may know, BYLINED is a new company focused on on-demand photography for brands and their fans. We really value these 1:1 conversations we have with our community. What feedback do you have for us?

KB: I must admit I was surprised when I got an email saying one of my photos was selected! I send stuff off into the internet abyss and seldom think about it, so it is very cool to hear back from a photo I posted in the summer. To be honest, I assumed it would go nowhere! I think the concept is brilliant! Anyone with a smartphone has a really powerful camera in hand and the ability to take a beautiful picture. The idea that amateur photos can be connected directly with a brand — and that the brand sees value in it — is awesome. I think every brand is thinking: “How do we make this product real and authentic and unpretentious?” I think they can find some answers here.

BYLINED: Thanks, Katie!



BYLINED is the first customer engagement platform that gives brands the opportunity to engage their fans for unique, brand oriented, owned user-generated content along with the metadata behind the photo. Check us out at

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