BYLINED Q&A w/Laura H.

BYLINED: We spent some time on Mr. Bojangles Insta, how did you two meet? (Did you adopt him? If so, we’d love to know the story of how you met him.)

LH: What do you do during your downtime when you’re in Topeka, Kansas for a wedding?

If you answered “hang out at a dog show” then you are correct!

For months I had been dropping hints to my fiancée that I wanted a dog, and when I realized there was an AKC dog show at the convention center attached to our hotel I was thrilled. We spent hours walking around the dog show, playing with pups, and talking to breeders. Then, BAM….we fell in love. I’m not sure if it was their sweet personalities, fluffy coats, bear-like faces, or the open bar at the wedding, we were head-over-heels in love with the Finnish Lapphund pups.

A few months, my fiancée and I were in New Orleans for work. A breeder contacted us and said she had a Finnish Lapphund pup available and asked if we would like to adopt him. We asked for 24 hours to make a decision. That night, at the casino we hit the jackpot. It was a sign! We won enough money to buy the pup. One month later we picked up Mr. Bojangles and the rest is history.

BYLINED: How do you spend your time? (Personally? Professionally?)

LH: By day I am a social worker and develop training for child welfare staff. By night, weekends, and (let’s be honest) during the day I am an obsessed dog-mom. I love to cook, explore Columbus and beyond with my fiancée, and spend time with family and friends.

BYLINED: What’s Mr. B.’s (can we call him Mr. B?) favorite snack?

Of course you can call him Mr. B! He has several nicknames, but I most frequently use Bo Bear.

I swear Bo has a sixth sense for string cheese. Bo can be anywhere in the house and if I open the packaging of a stick of string cheese he is by my side in three seconds staring at me with those sweet puppy dog eyes.

BYLINED: We humans here at BYLINED love our pups and love using them in photo shoots. We also know how challenging it can be getting them to pose. What’s your trick with Mr. B?

LH: Bo’s Photoshoot Pro Tips

1. The way to a good picture is through the stomach. Bring treats that will keep your pups attention better than any dog, person, or squirrel that may pass by. For Bo it is string cheese and turkey.

2. Make it fun. I never want Bo to associate a camera with discipline and/or stress. I always snap a few pictures, give him a treat, and time to bounce around.

3. Take LOTS of pictures. For every INSTAworthy picture, there are 50 duds.

BYLINED: As you may know, BYLINED is a new company based in Columbus, OH. We really value these 1:1 conversations with our community and we would like to know if you have any feedback for us?

LH: Welcome to Columbus and thank you for asking! A questions/comments I have are:

· Can you delete a photo once it’s submitted? I realized yesterday I had submitted the wrong picture and wasn’t able to delete it.

· I tried to access Bylined on my desktop the other day and the website was not user-friendly. I only spent a few seconds trying to figure it out, but got frustrated and moved on to something else quickly.

I’d love to learn more about your company and your work with other Columbus brands. If there is any way to collaborate on your work I’d love to explore those opportunities.

BYLINED: Can we share Mr. B’s Insta with our Byliners?

LH: Absolutely! Please do!

Thank you, again. Have a wonderful day!

BYLINED: Great feedback! We just took every bit of your feedback, discussed it, and added it to our to-do list! Our goal — give you the option to delete a photo submission as well as provide you with a better browser experience by May 1.

We’ll be sure to follow Mr. B’s springtime adventures at 🙂


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