BYLINED: Q&A w/Aaron Hobgood

1. How do you spend your time: it is up to you how you want to answer this question. You could tell us what you do for work, what you do for fun, hobbies, inspiration, etc.

Most of my time is spent skateboarding, working or just shooting photos. My day-to-day job is pretty rad. I work for Bark & Co (Most people are familiar with BarkBox) and they’re pretty rad. We have pups in the office so I take my camera to work and shoot photos of the pups and my co-workers.

When I’m not working my 9–5, I am skateboarding. I have a couple sponsors as well as I’m the filmer for a local skateboard company by the name of RokenRol. Videography, Photography and skateboarding are a few of the things I’m very passionate about in my life.

2. What do you love about Converse?

The thing I love most about Converse is the history it has. One of the original brands with skateboarding like Vans or PF Flyers. I’ve always loved how they keep a classic feel yet, are able to modernize it. They continue to stand out year after year. You cant help but admire and respect that. they’re true to their core.

3. What’s the inspiration behind your photography and your photo submission?

My buddy (Tyler Davis) in the photo has exclusively always skated in Converse shoes. We as skateboarders are the versatile style that Converse represents. The Street style with the professional side. I shot the photo near one of the best restaurants in the downtown area and right across the street, there was construction. the perfect storm of class and rebellion.

4. This is your second photo purchased though BYLINED. Any photography tips for our BYLINERS? (e.g. your depth of field and composition are incredible!)

The only tips I have is just get out there and shoot what you love. I honestly don’t have any formal education. Most of what i’ve learn has been taught to me by a friend who has been doing it for years. Everything else is self-taught through trial and error. Capture what you love, love what you capture. My photos are a reflection how I view the world. Just get out there and shoot!

5. As you may know, BYLINED is a new company based in Columbus, OH. We really value these 1:1 conversations with our community and we would like to know if you have any feedback for us?

The only feedback I have is this idea is wonderful. I love that it exists especially in a city that I call home. Thank you for allowing an outlet for my photography and the creative motivation!

I would also love to meet some of the other BYLINERs here in Columbus!

Other than that, Stay Rad 🙂



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