Byliner Q&A with Kim Fischer

Bella (BYLINED): First things first, congrats on having 8 photos purchased by Scotts. I think it’s a record!

Kim: Thank you, Bella!

Bella (BYLINED): How did you originally hear about BYLINED?

Kim: I am new to the Bylined community!  I’ve just recently discovered Bylined, via Scott’s Instagram post.

Bella (BYLINED): How do you typically spend your time— answer this however you’d like, you can tell us what you like to do for fun, what you do for work, your hobbies or inspiration. 

Kim: I am an independent graphic designer.  I’ve been self-employed for 5 years.  Prior to this, I worked in the newspaper industry.  I keep busy designing magazines, ads, catalogs, brochures, and websites. 

Bella (BYLINED): Once we saw your amazing photo submissions, we had to learn more and found your website. Can we share it with our Byliner community?

Kim: I’m surprised you found my website!  To be honest, it’s really outdated. I’ve been fortunate to have continuous work, and haven’t had much time, or need, to update it.  I hope to re-vamp it eventually.  You’re welcome to share it though ( 

Bella (BYLINED): Also, we noticed you’re a photographer! How long have you been interested in photography, and what is your favorite subject to shoot?

Kim: I don’t usually consider myself a photographer.  I love to just shoot for fun.  I got my first camera in college, 2007.  Since meeting my boyfriend (Tyler) in 2010, we’ve inspired each other to shoot more photos and document our life.  We never leave the house without a camera!

I love to shoot anything outdoors.  Birding is my new favorite hobby.  I love to capture unique birds; well, basically any wildlife!  Our cats are also fun to capture.  They even have their own Instagram account @pipsqueak_and_pals.

Bella (BYLINED): What inspired you to participate in the Scotts Lawn Care Assignment?

Kim: Tyler and I recently built a house.  We decided to install our own lawn.  We shot a few photos to share with our family and friends, as we usually do.  We tagged Scotts in our post, and they reached out to us!  Soon after, Scotts submitted an assignment with Bylined, and they encouraged us to enter.  We’re always happy to share our photos.  It’s exciting when we receive such positive feedback.

Bella (BYLINED): What Brand/Company would you like to see on BYLINED?

Kim: I don’t know if there’s a specific brand or company I’d like to see on Bylined.  Maybe pet/bird stores, or more restaurants?!  Fun fact, in 2014, Tyler and I submitted photos to Rocky Rococo’s, and won pizza for a year!!! 

Bella (BYLINED): Since you set the record for ‘most photos purchased,’ what tips or advice do you have for fellow Byliners?

Kim: I’m honored to set the record for “Most Photos Purchased”!  My suggestion to Byliners, keep your camera with you at all times and pay attention to lighting.

Bella (BYLINED): Your Instagram is pretty inspiring, can we share it?

Kim: Yes, please feel free to share my Instagram account.  I love to use Instagram as a way to look back at memories over the years. @fischkim


Interview conducted by Bella Minadeo, Community Manager at BYLINED.


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